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What is Beyond Smoking Inc?

What is Beyond Smoking Inc? Beyond Smoking Inc is a luxury promotional brand of hand crafted custom designed 24k Gold Cannabis Cigars and accessories in a range of styles created for those wanting to experience the true art of smoking. We provide consulting and other special services.

We are cigar enthusiasts that do things differently and we are proud of that.

Every line of our luxury premium cannabis cigars have solid cores, are rolled by hand, include a center vent hole known as the “Worm Hole” and a wood tip. Each is made with hand selected product and finished with edible Canadian 24k Gold for that perfect smoking experience.

What is a Cannabis Cigar?

A Cannabis Cigar is a  hand crafted pre-roll, that consists of a center vent hole known as the “worm hole”. The cannabis should be completely solidified when completed, with added concentrate and wrapped in any number of organic rolling papers. Hemp paper or edible rose petals and should never contain any tobacco. Cannabis Cigars are great for weddings, party’s, recording tracks in the studio, and pretty much any group event with Cannabis! Makes a wonderful gift or just for a night on the town. A correctly constructed Cannabis Cigar should burn for hours!

We do not sell Cannabis.


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